Caring for Your Dogs During Halloween

Caring for Your Dogs During Halloween

Spooky Halloween festivities are fun for people, but unfortunately, they aren’t always fun for dogs. There are so many triggers for dog anxiety during this fearsome holiday—the doorbell ringing nonstop, people in crazy costumes, and more. Here are some tips for understanding your dog’s anxiety and helping them get through the holiday.

3 Reasons Why Halloween is Hard for Dogs

1. Lots of Strangers

Whether you’re hosting a party for your friends or you’re leaving your light on for the trick-or-treaters, Halloween often means inviting lots of people into your home. Although some dogs will love the extra people, others will become nervous. These people disrupt their routine. That can make your dog scared or cause him/her to act out.

2. Loud Noises

Halloween is often one of the worst holidays for loud noises, second only to the Fourth of July. Your neighbors may have put up spooky-sounding decorations, and trick-or-treaters can be loud. Just hearing the doorbell ring over and over again as trick-or-treaters visit can be painful for your pup. Sometimes people will scream or make other scary noises just because it’s Halloween. Many dogs don’t like loud noises, so this aspect of the holiday isn’t fun for them.

3. Scary-Looking People and Homes

Everything looks a little different during Halloween. From costumes to decorations on the inside and outside of houses, the change can be a little intimidating for dogs. Many dogs don’t like it when people are wearing hats, face paint, or other spooky costumes. Plus, they’re used to their neighborhood looking a certain way, and peoples’ outdoor decorations can make everything look scarier than usual. This can cause your dog to lose their sense of security.

How to Help Your Anxious Dog Using CBD Oil for Dogs

So, chances are, Halloween is going to be pretty stressful for your pet. But how do you fix it? Different dogs will respond to different methods, but one thing that many dog owners have found to be successful is CBD oil for dogs.

CBD oil comes from the hemp plant, which is a form of cannabis. Marijuana is also a form of cannabis, but hemp is different because it contains extremely little THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the compound from Marijuana that can get people high. But if you’re getting CBD oil for dogs, you’re getting little to no THC. You won’t have to worry about your dog getting high.

Treat Your Dog’s Anxiety Naturally!

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